Finding the Right Second Date

“Get more close on the second date”

When it comes to finding the right place for dating someone you met online, most of the time any advice you find is going to be for the first date. While it is certainly important to make a good impression, so too should you be focused on the follow up. Finding site reviews for meeting women interested in dating in Winnipeg is easy enough; keeping them interested after just one date can be a hard act to follow. Just getting to the first date can seem difficult enough without considering how you are going to follow through, should things go as well as you hope. Not knowing what to do for a second date is a common difficulty we face when we spend so much of our time just trying to make a lasting impression in the first place, so you can rest assured we have some solutions.

Try Not to Repeat Yourself

“Don’t bore her with your talks”

Going out for dinner when you went out for dinner the first time really is not a great follow up no matter how good of a time you had together. Likewise, going to an attraction like a festival on the first date and then following up with a trip to a theme park is a little too similar to really come off as genuine. The idea of the first date is to get her attention and maybe learn a thing or two about who she is and what she likes. The second date, then, is generally going to be a calmer follow up, not more of the same. We aren’t saying you have to constantly come up with new ideas, just try not to string similar experiences out one after another, even if you have a good time. There is, after all, too much of a good thing, and following up a good idea with more of the same can easily come off as being something of a one trick pony. When it comes to keeping a girl interested, that is never a good impression to make. So if you had a really engaging first date, try a calmer follow up and vice versa. If you spent a lot of time getting to know one another on the first date, spend the second doing something fun. If you spent most of your time on the first date doing something, make time on the second date for relaxing and chatting with one another. The change in energy level, if nothing else, should set a good atmosphere for continuing to get together in the future.

Let Her Make a Suggestion

“Let her order according to her taste”

Something a lot of us tend to forget when it comes to inviting her out on a second date is that she may have something in mind too. We get so caught up in reading site reviews for meeting women online and finding guides that tell us what kind of dates going to make us stand out that we forget that she might have something in mind herself. It never hurts to ask. Even in the beginning. If she doesn’t approach you try telling her how much you enjoyed your previous date and asking if there was something else she wanted to do since you would really like to get together again. That is really all it takes to get her to suggest something you know she is going to be interested in. Not only that, but you have probably managed to win points just for asking after her preferences in the first place. Most of us are so caught up in finding the right thing or suggesting things we like to do that we flat out forget to take her preferences into consideration. Just remembering that she probably has a whole host of experiences as well goes a long way towards making her feel appreciated and respected in any relationship that forms.

Consider an Event

“Take her to some good musical event”

While first dates usually focus on getting to know each other and making time for conversation, second dates can be a little more lenient in that regard. It is less important to participate and more important to enjoy yourselves. You want here to have fun just being there and enjoying yourself too. That is why we suggestion considering something that you can enjoy more passively like a concert, sports game, or local comedy club. Go somewhere where you can watch a performance. This is better for a second date because it not only reduces the pressure on you to make small talk and keep the entertainment high on your own, but also because the both of you will be more focused on enjoying the experience than digging questioning each other and trying to really maximize your interactions for every second you can drag out.

So now is the time to consider something you might actually want to see to show her a little bit about your likes as well. Suggest venues you enjoy frequenting, and entertainment that does not require quite as much of your time and energy to participate in as you might have considered on a first date to make things more engaging. If you like taking in a theatre show, now is probably the best time to suggest it. You are still early enough in the relationship that you really want to find out if there is anything between you that could be a real deal breaker. If she can’t stand classical music and you take in a performance at least once a week, it’s better to find out now than three months in, since it gives you time to consider how important this sort of thing is to you. Likewise, if your life revolves around a sport you love to the extent that you go to practice, play in a league and like to watch all of the local games, suggesting going to a game is a good chance to figure out if she either enjoys the same or can at least handle the amount of time you devote to it.

Another option to take is trying to find something you think she would like, regardless of your experience with it. Earlier we touched on the idea of having her suggest a place to go or thing to do for a second date, but sometimes it can be better to offer suggestions and let her choose something. This way she won’t feel quite as put on the spot as straight up asking for her suggestions, and will still feel like she is being catered to when it comes to doing something to her preferences. As usual, you can only get out as much as you put into something like this, so researching options beforehand is as integral now as site reviews for meeting women was to meet her in the first place. The only thing that you must always keep in mind is to participate in legit online dating. Find the best websites by reading the dating website reviews and choose the right woman for you. If there is something she really likes, or put in her profile that you really have no experience with, looking it up online as a possible second date is a good place to start. So is asking her about it. As much as dating is all about finding things you both enjoy doing, it also involve trying things out and experiencing what each person knows and enjoys separate of each other.

Being New is Scary Enough

“It may be scary but you will enjoy it”

Trying new things can be horrible. It can be terrifying to be a beginner at something and spend every moment worrying about messing up or saying the wrong thing. What if you slip up and do something that is totally forbidden? How are you supposed to know which steps to take and which ones will set off the booby traps? When we try new things, we sometimes want someone to turn to in order to ask questions. What do you do when the thing that you’re trying is out of the ordinary? Who do you turn to when what you’re trying isn’t something that just anyone might have experience in? It can be hard to feel alone in a new hobby or interest, especially when it comes to BDSM. When something calls to you, you have to go for it, even if you’re afraid.

When you first start thinking about BDSM and really feel that hunger, it can be hard to choose how to begin. Without a teacher of sorts, it can seem like an insurmountable task. In spite of your lack of guidance, you can still get advice on BDSM. There are numerous articles and blogs and books about how to start. What you need are some basic strategies to start things up. Learn About BDSM – How To Be The Best Dom You Can Be. A guide is exactly what you are looking for when you first start out. You may be on your own and trying to find a partner to experiment with, there are resources for that. You may be part of a couple and the other person is the one who is primarily interested in experimentation, there are resources for that. You may even be in a couple in which both parties are interested in trying this out but you are unsure who is the dominant and who is the sub, or maybe you’re a bit of both and you don’t know what to try first. No matter what scenario you’re in, there are people out there who have been there and they can help you get through it. For most people, the journey to understanding their BDSM desires begins with baby steps and here are some tips on just what steps to take.

Putting It to Words

“Why do you want to try BDSM?”

At the beginning, the most important thing you need to explore is inside of your own head. It’s important to figure out what it is exactly that draws you to BDSM. Is it the thought of being naughty and trying things that are ‘bad’? Is it the excitement of being dominated and completely giving up control? Is it the thought of having someone entirely at your mercy and watching them get off on your power? If you don’t know what it is that draws you, it can be harder to figure out which beginner steps you should be taking. Once you’ve pinned down what it is that excites you about this kind of play, you will have a better idea of what to look into and what things to stick on the back burner.

Let’s assume you’re into it for the power dynamic, regardless of which side you fall on. If this is the case, you will want to begin by trying out some ‘safer’ or tamer ways of surrendering or taking control. A really good beginner move is using a blindfold. Sight is a powerful sense and, when we take it away, it can be scary and invigorating. To know that someone else is in the room but to be unsure of what they might do to you or when their fingers might find your skin can make people drip. It can also be thrilling to be the one in charge here. If you have your partner blinded and you get to control how long their anticipation builds and when it will be rewarded with touch that can be enough to tighten the fit of your trousers.

The Little Things

“Women like it when sweet nothings are whispered to her ears”

Another tip for a BDSM beginner is to remember that a little can go a long way. Half of the thrill lies in the waiting. The mind can build up so much tension that the touch can lead to big rewards. This is true for both the submissive and the dominant. For the submissive, wondering when something is going to happen is a powerful motivator. The same touch can have a much greater effect if it is timed well as opposed to doled out thoughtlessly. For a dominant, the point is to make their emotions your bitch. You want their every feeling, pleasure, pain, fear, excitement, to be yours. If you know how to wield tension as one of your tools, you will benefit greatly as well.

Tension can be built in numerous ways. Let us say you are using a crop for this session. If you gently tap on or draw circles over an area while describing what you plan to do to it, you can make your sub’s skin crawl. Imagine the leather caressing their skin while you whisper sweet nothings of how hard you plan to hit them, how many times, or even begin a countdown. You don’t have to deliver on any of these things, you can make them wait. Or you can gift them with one hit and make them wait for the next. The anticipation is half of the fun.

The Most Important Thing

“Use blindfold to enhance your experience”

The most important, and possibly underappreciated, BDSM tip for a newbie is to talk first. It is so important to know what each person is expecting and what they like. You don’t want to assume things of your partner just to spend half of your time together not hitting their buttons; it is important to be honest. If there is something you want to experience during a session, you need to speak up. If there is something you do not like or are not ready to try, talk about it. By letting the other person know your expectations, you can improve your sexual pleasure and experience. If they know you are timid about being choked but want to try it, they will go easy on you and try to help guide you through your first experience with it. If you do not want to be hit on the breasts and you don’t say something, they might do it because the last person they were with really enjoyed it. They can’t read your mind and you can’t read theirs so just be as open and honest as you can.

The last piece of advice for your first BDSM experience is to enjoy it. The whole point is to enjoy it. Sex should be exciting and fun and pleasurable. BDSM sex is still sex so it should be all of these things and then some. Should you have a serious talk before you get down to business? Of course, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be arousing just to talk about it. Should you be sincere in both your words and listening? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get wet from the anticipation of all the things you’re going to try. Respect your partner and respect yourself. If you really want to make BDSM a part of your sex life, you want the first time to be a good one. Otherwise, you or your partner might be afraid to venture into this kind of sex again and that is the last thing you want.

Never Get Lost With These 3 Best GPS Apps For Your iPhone

“Get the Best GPS apps”

“Get the Best GPS apps”

Hey, we’ve all been there! We’re planning to meet our friends at a local coffee shop that you’ve never been before. You’re afraid to ask for directions and you end up late because you’re lost. Fortunately, your iPhone has a trusty GPS app but instead of receiving directions, you only get results that are of no use. It seems your GPS is not working at the moment when you need it. What a hassle!

There are numerous GPS apps that are available in the AppStore and not all are made equal. This article will reveal the best GPS apps that you can use to get back on track when you’ve lost your way.

Google Maps

“The best GPS app”

“The best GPS app”

Google Maps is a free and accurate GPS-enabled map that’s found in the Apple’s App Store. Tap on the apps and you will get a 2D overhead map view of your present location. With the iPhone’s retina screen, the map and satellite graphics will look fantastic.
You can type in your destination and the app will present routes with a visual on the map. Most iPhone users prefer Google Maps because of its solid and real-time pedestrian navigation. Google map also has a voice navigation that can provide audio prompts. It’s great for people on foot or behind the wheels.

Navigon USA

“A User friendly App”

“A User friendly App”

Navigon USA is an app that is aesthetically pleasing and informative. It’s a Garmin powered app that can handle local search well. Local interests such as restaurants or shopping centers will appear as you get near your location. You’ll get visual cues, lane visuals and speed limit signs. The display can look cluttered but you can still gain control with the use of the Preferences.
On the road, this GPS app provides detailed maps and smooth animation. When you’re driving, the apps will show your current speed, estimated time of arrival, distance changes and upcoming street names. It’s an expensive GPS app but it’s considered to be the best GPS app.

Scout by Telenav

Telenav is a veteran GPS app that that offers a fascinating driver-oriented interface. It provides an easy and clear route map. It has a voice command and it can accurately seek business establishments. Its basic navigation functions are great but the drivers can also choose to upgrade to Scout Plus for a fee. Scout Plus has voice prompts for guidance, downloadable maps and other features.
Scout’s main interface is a mix of small maps, a search bar, points of interest and home and work addresses’ buttons. The buttons will compute driving time and it can also be used by people who want to determine the best time to drive from work to home or vice-versa. It shows maps both in 2D or 3D view and it’s very useful for drivers. It is free but if you want to get the added features, then there’s an added price.
Try any of these three GPS apps and you’ll never get lost again!

Learning the Basics of Dating Divorced Men

The personality and situation of the person you are dating out should always be taken into account as the ways of dealing with people vary with the circumstances set in. On several perspectives, dating a divorced person does not have a drastic difference from a person who is single. This is because a divorced person is someone who used to be married but is now single again. As such, they are the type who vigorously embraces rendezvous. The dating world they are in now would seem like a whole new experience as they have been out of it for a long time. It is for this same reason that some divorced people take dating with hesitation rather than excitement.

There are a few basic things to keep in mind as far as dating a divorced man is concerned and it is called for that these are learned before dipping into it:

Take things really slow

“Take things slow, if recently divorced”

“Take things slow, if recently divorced”

Divorced men are very transparent on missing a constant companion and in their desire to have one but there is no readiness for one. It is a long way to go for another long term commitment such that marriage possibilities should be kept away from conversations during the early stage. Any potential expectation he may sense can readily scare him and make him weary for the next date.

Understand the lifetime commitments

“A kid from a previous marriage is a big commitment”

“A kid from a previous marriage is a big commitment”

Always put in mind that the person you are dating was married once and therefore has an ex-wife, a mother-in-law and everyone else. If there are children involved, then you should know that you do not have all of his time. In fact, the situation even calls for your own time knowing and dealing with the children. You should learn to develop a relationship with these kids to a point of closeness. Be comfortable taking them out to dinners or movies with or without the presence of their father. Getting to know the family is one positive approach to dating a divorced man.

Do not interfere and press for details

“Asking details can lead to an argument”c

“Asking details can lead to an argument”

At the end of every marriage is a pain. Do not discuss the situations attendant to the divorce unless the man brings the topic up with you. When he does, address it comfortably and be wise enough to understand that he can get very emotional about it.

Respect the ex-wife of your date

Do not resent talks about her and in case you meet up, show some respect. It is likely that fond memories exist from the together times the couple once shared and that cannot be changed. The fact is, if there was a divorce and you should feel the power that the man is with you now. Do not let your insecurity ruin the good chance of success in dating.
Think wisely and learn these basics to avoid things that will spell disaster for the dating experience. The date may be a successful long-term commitment in the making. Seize the moment.

3 Easy Ways to “Get in The Zone”

“Let Your Brain do some exercise”

“Let Your Brain do some exercise”

It is so much easier to lose concentration than to “get in the zone”. A lot of people have this problem. Sadly, it affects us significantly. We cannot seem to do anything right. Our mind just keeps going in circles and concentrating becomes very hard to do.
Even if you make a list of the things you need to do, you still can’t accomplish anything. This problem can be resolved by performing mental exercises. Here are 3 mental exercises that can improve concentration and help you “get in the zone”.

Empty Your Mind

“Let it all out”

“Let it all out”

Tasks can easily overwhelm us especially when there are so many things to do and very little time to get it done. We try hard to remember every single thing we need to do and we end up forgetting them all. How to deal with this? Empty your mind.
It does not take long to do this particular exercise. Even 5 minutes is good enough. Begin by listing the tasks you need to do then look for a quiet corner. Detach yourself and empty your mind. Allow your thoughts to flow right in front of you. You become an observer. You just sit in peace and let your thoughts calmly flow. Mastering this exercise is truly helpful as it allows you to release stress and improve focus in no time.

Exercises That Strengthen Concentration

These are exercises that strengthen concentration. At the start, the exercise may seem difficult. Once you get used to it, you will find it very easy to do. Do this twice each day for 5 to 10 minutes. Think of a certain object and keep it in your mind. Go for objects that are easy to visualize just like a pencil. Start by closing your eyes then create an image of the object in your mind. Stay focus for 5 to 10 minutes.


It is a powerful method of getting your tasks done. You simply have to think of all your tasks and visualize them being accomplished. It helps you master tasks and ultimately accomplish a good job physically.
Try to visualize yourself being calm and happy. Visualize that you are talking to a room full of people or winning games. Doing this often allows you to start seeing good results in the activities that you perform each day.
These exercises are easy to do. Even if they may seem challenging at the beginning, they are definitely worth the effort. In no time you will have better focus and concentration. So spend a couple of minutes each day to perform these exercises. Before you know it, you already have excellent concentration and you can easily “get in the zone” when you want to.

Investing on the 3 Big Leagues Today

“Invest and reap the returns”

“Invest and reap the returns”

Thinking of ways on how to safe keep your hard earned money is torture for most of us. Aside from the psychological stress of wondering the risk that you would be taking is already hard there is also the emotional stress of worrying about what to do in case it fails. But like what Yoda’s mantra is “Do or Do Not, There is no try”, there really is no other way but to take the plunge and to safeguard your money in investments. Now that the world’s economy is slowly getting its normalcy back, it seems that it is already a pretty time to take a chance. The question is, as to which company is your money in the safe?

Food & Beverages:

Like Nestle, Coca Cola Bottlers, Kraft and other companies are always a good bet. Aside from the fact that food is a physiologic need and are always in demand, big and famous companies such as these already have a name to protect therefore are obliged to always improve on themselves and their products so you are assured that these companies will be around for a long time. Putting your money on Food & Beverage stocks is not only a no-brainer move but it also is a win-win situation.

Housing & Construction Companies or Real Estate:

“An excellent way to invest your hard earned money”

“An excellent way to invest your hard earned money”

With proper study, you’ll figure out which construction or Real Estate companies are the best pick in your neighborhood. Look at their track records and see as to which of them stood strong over the years and as to whom delivered the same quality products over time. Pick the right one and you’ll be in it for the big bucks. Top construction and real estate companies’ offer big profits in terms of stock revenues and given the right group, your hard earned money will reap rewards in no time.


Such as Apple, IBM, Microsoft and the other big players are always a Technology good bet. These companies are survivors of the time, from the humongous devices to micro mini high tech gadgets, these tech hubs have evolved with the changing times. In this day and age where almost every person is holding a mobile phone, owning a computer or tablet device and connected to the internet, you are assured that investing in such stocks as these; your money will not go anywhere near obsolete.

The bottom line here is that you can always choose from either research or gut feel or even both. Remember that the money you are investing is not only the one you can use when you retire but also the same funds you worked hard for, so aside from choosing the one with the lesser risks and the bigger profit, always remember to choose wisely.

3 Time Management Tips For You To Get A Lot More Done

“Time once spent, never comes around”

“Time once spent, never comes around”

Everybody loves to have more free time, which is quite ironic because that’s what a lot of people seem to be lacking these days. They all seem to always be in a rush to do this and that, to go here and there, only to complain at the end of the day that they don’t have enough time to do all the things they need to do. Is it possible to increase the hours in a day just so you can have extra time in getting things accomplished? Well, we all know what the answer to that question is, but the good news is you don’t really need magic hours to give you longer days, all you need is to learn about these three time management tips to always be on top of your game.

Make a List and Check It Twice

“Manage time with a simple Checklist”

“Manage time with a simple Checklist”

It’s hard enough that you need to do fifteen different things all throughout the day, but everything just becomes a tad bit more difficult when you don’t practice good organizational skills. Start by creating a list of the tasks you need to do from the most important to the least important. If you’ll be running errands in between, make sure that you list everything down according to the proximity of the places you’ll be going to. Not only will you be saving time by planning a route where everything will literally be on your way as you tick off thing already accomplished from your list (you’ll get home earlier!), you’re also going to save on gas in the process.

Don’t Be the Cause of Delay

Whatever you do, whether you’re at home, at work, on queue at the grocery store, the airport, the train station, on your way to a meeting, a practice, a dental appointment, etc.—always be mindful of other people’s time, not just your own. Don’t be the cause of delay to others simply because you weren’t able to leave on time due to your usual dilly-dallying, which isn’t even usually done deliberately. Don’t get used to thinking that people don’t have other better things to do than wait for you all day. If you’re the head of your department and have subordinates who can’t help but look to you for good leadership, don’t get so used to keeping them waiting because you know they won’t complain. Show some respect by being considerate.

Limit Online Distractions

“Stay away from social networking websites, when working”

“Stay away from social networking websites, when working”

You are going to be amazed at the length of time that ends up getting wasted because of social networking sites. Before you know it, it’s been three hours, and you’re nowhere near getting even half your list done. There’s no need to give up any of your social networking accounts. Keeping in touch with friends through the internet is one of the most normal way to communicate these days. But before it becomes an addiction (if it isn’t one yet), create a schedule and decide on which hours of the day you can indulge on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter among others. You might think it’s hard at first, but it won’t be long until you get used to it. Soon you’ll realize it’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

These three tips never fail, so take them to heart. It won’t be long until you’ve mastered the art of time management.

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